Powers of the Healing Stone

Healing Stone
Do you know what a healing stone is?  This fibrous malachite is a healing stone.  It’s supposed to facilitate change, clear and activate the chakras, break old patterns of behavior, detox the body at the cellular level, and a bunch of other things.  It seems like a miracle, which is what I need.

Six weeks ago yesterday my husband told me he was having an affair and wanted a divorce.  Strangely, at first, I got it.  Our marriage was stale and I know his lover.  I know he has always admired her professionally.  (Yes, they work together.)

Being cast as the scorned woman is not the role you want.  The plum role is the other woman.  Cheating scoundrel must be exciting too.  Actually, dismissed children for your lover’s smaller children, is the suckiest ensemble part in the cast.

I can’t believe the heights of drama I’ve gone to playing the scorned woman.  I’ve knocked on his door at 11 pm because I saw her car there and “just wanted to talk to her.”  I texted nasty things and emailed nasty things for weeks.  To both of them.  I faked wanting to harm myself to see how far it took to get him to rescue me.  (Too far.)

But I must say, having had this healing stone in my possession for a little over two weeks, has helped.  I am grateful for whatever powers, real or imagined, it has radiated my way.

Because when your husband goes on a business trip with a woman he’s always been fond of, and there’s that moment when he pauses to consider whether to take that step toward her arms, while having to step over your quivering, bleeding-out heart to get to her, and he chooses to go ahead, any pretty little stone that promises relief is welcome.


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