Is this it?

I’ve been on this roller coaster for a month and a half.  I have lived through many belly flips and hairpin turns.  Now I seem to be on a flat stretch.  Nothing is happening and that’s new.   Even bad drama is drama and I think I was addicted to it.  Now what?  Do I create good drama?  I can’t fill my whole life with kids and work.  I don’t even want to look ahead.  Is there another steep climb?  A gut wrenching plunge?  I’m scared.  I’m lonely.  I’m solitary, even with my wonderful cheering section.  You know who you are.  If you are “religious,” please pray that I make it to the end of the ride intact.  If you are “spiritual,” please send some good energy my way, or light a candle, rub a stone, whatever.  I need you and will for some time.


One thought on “Is this it?

  1. Reblogged this on write it down let it go and commented:

    I feel the same today – into the 7th month – as I did on 4/29. Once again, plans and dramas, albeit good ones, have set a pace and just recently slowed down. Is this is? Maybe it’s a wave thing…tsunami, aftershock, smooth as glass water, and on and on. Rolling waves sound nice. Is that enough to make me happy?


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