So cats…

IMG_0521This is a picture of my cat on a leash.  You can’t walk her, per se, but she explores the outside and I just keep her from eating poisonous plants and running into the street.

Cats and “cat ladies” get a bad wrap, I feel.  I’d like to change the phrase to “cat goddesses” or “fierce feline friends,” or anything, really, but “cat ladies.”

Cats are good role models for females.  They are generally curious, fearless, entitled, and unaware of their fluid beauty.

Ancient Egyptians appreciated cats and became partners and participants with their magical powers.  Witches allied with cats too.  Not Halloween caricatures, but siren-esque, can’t-look-away beings of power that compel us.  Hanging with a cat affirms the powers of the feminine.  Let’s do that more…


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