“After you go, I’ll have a lot more room in my closet,” and I’m having fun breaking all the old rules

Picture 073

I really don’t even have that many clothes, but it is nice to spread them out and not have to store some in the basement.  Nine weeks lends quite a bit of perspective.  I know I’m not done learning from this divorce experience, but at least I don’t cry as much and can function without thinking I’ve forgotten my phone or keys.  Or a limb.

The “no-nos” I’m violating:  I drink white wine from red wine glasses sometimes now.  I buy coffee at places other than Starbucks.  I buy soy milk, cashew butter, and have enchiladas for dinner once a week.  I reconnect with friends and lovers I dropped 23 year ago for him.  I take my cat for walks.  I let her explore in the basement.  I let her sleep on the bed.  We binge watch Netflix when we can’t sleep at 3 am.

I’m not a new person.  I’m the old person doing new things.  It feels good, but there’s so much time to fill.  I’m scared thinking about how I’ll fill it all up, but I can spread things out, don’t have to put things on hold for the marriage, and  can acquire new activities.  A lesson to learn from my closet.


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