Yes, you woke me


You are in San Francisco on a business trip.  We were planning for me to go with you on this one.  We both love San Francisco.  Until you left me.  I fall asleep watching TV and you call.

“Hey, babe.  It’s me.”


“Remember Coit Tower?  It looks just the same.  So cool.”

“Who is this?”

“Babe it’s me.  I’m checking in.  So sorry I’m going to miss our daughter’s awards ceremony.  I miss you guys.”


“It had to be done that you stayed at home for that.  Babe?”


“Are you ok?  Did I wake you?”

Yes, you woke me when you left me for her, without a thought of future plans like going to San Francisco together again, missing your daughter’s awards ceremony, not responding to her when she sends a recording of herself singing your favorite song.  But this…this is just a dream of who I thought I loved.


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