Live your life.  Don’t ruminate about his life.  Don’t be jealous of people you don’t even like having a relationship with each other.

thThink about what your new apartment or condo might look like.  Think about what your next romantic relationship might look like.  How they might be better because you’re better.

Don’t think about how your daughter slipped up for the first time in a long time.  You passed by a poster of a children’s movie in the city and she mentioned that dad hated it.  Dad would only go to a children’s movie with his girlfriend who has young children.  That was fucking fast.  Did they see anyone at the movies who know that they are married to different people?  That he is her boss?  Still?  How’s that job search coming?

I’d like to stop getting punched in the gut, but not because it hurts so much anymore, because it’s annoying.  And old.

I wish I didn’t spend the hour and a half ride home crafting the perfect text — WHICH I DIDN’T SEND THIS TIME, HATERS ; – )– but this is what it would have said, “I just saw BLANK movie with my young boyfriend and he kids.  Loved it.  Have you seen it?”  Now that I see it in print, it’s not that clever.  At all.

Moving (insert a kick to my own pants here) on.


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