Chicken Little

I keep answering email from lonely souls like me, feeling a need and obligation to make each communication meaningful, and not just throwing all the spaghetti that comes my way against the wall and seeing what sticks.  That’s so random and cold.

Like I’veth said before, though, it blows hot and then cold.  Very hard to read.  I admire those whose humor shines through the most brave of outreaches.

Then, coffee tomorrow?  At my favorite spot?  I don’t have a favorite spot!  Saying my bed is my favorite spot might just send the wrong message.  What to wear – oh, I just wear this a lot to work meets I’m effortlessly sexy every day!  What if I see that split second disappointment on his face?  This ain’t email anymore.

Keep my in your thoughts.  I’m so petrified…


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