No need for petrification with a side of runzas

There was no need for petrification.  He was handsome, nice, on time, paid, asked me to dinner to continue the conversation…A really good first toe in the water of the dating pool.  Is he Mr. Right?  Right Now?  Friend Zone?  Unclear.  I enjoyed getting to know him a little better and we exchanged numbers.  Con – He lives about an hour away.  Potential con – He has an 11-year-old at home 1/2 time.  Still, what more could I ask for?


Not to diminish how HUGE yesterday’s date was, let’s talk runzas!  Anyone?
R-U-N-Z-A. Know what it is?  Behold the beauty below.  I don’t know if it was because my date was broadly from what everyone calls the mid-West, like I am, but I would give my kingdom for that gem/staple of my corner of the world today!  Since I don’t have a kingdom, that doesn’t mean anything, but know this — I’d trade my three glasses oIMG_0257f wine tonight for a runza.  You heard me.  Hey, no judgment! Meat, cabbage, bread, and onion rings.  Oh the onion rings that must accompany it…

Tastes like home, authenticity, and comfort.

Happy Thursday…moving on.


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