It’s going to be an Ativan day!

Ah…today is the day we meet with our realtor to go through the house and see what needs to happen before we put it on the market.  I’m guessing de-clutteringtake_two_aspirin_252_167, a little bit of staging and sprucing up, screen repairs, potted plants, and a possible roof re-shingle.

What I didn’t realize when I first met with a lawyer, is that at this point, when people have breached their marriage contract, vows, and trust, the only thing left is financial.  It’s very had to swallow at first, but let’s get this bitch sold and off my back.

Thank god I don’t love my house.  I like it, and appreciate it’s shelter, but it isn’t useful to any of the four people who lived here for 18 years or so anymore.

He hasn’t been allowed in the house very much since he moved out.  I dread going through the rooms and what he thinks of how I live my life here without him.  Not that I do anything weird, it’s just that he always has a judgment at the ready.

That’s where Ativan, my chemical friend, comes in.  Don’t fail me today…


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