Why is a “coffee date” a thing?

“Ace Your Coffee Date…They’re quick, relatively cheap, and casual. But as relaxed as they may seem, they have the power to jump-start a terrific relationship…or leave you both feeling like the dregs at the bottom of a mug… to go from latte to love, you’ve got to ace that let’s-meet-for-coffee moment.”


That just begs the question:  Why is Match even needed?  I am aware I’m late to this brain teaser.  Online dating has preceded my try at it by 20 years.

Actually, I sweated my first, and so far only, coffee date.  I wanted to ace being casual, friendly, a good listener, a smiler, an optimist, and a person who doesn’t dribble coffee down her white blouse.

Why do I want to go from latte to love?  Basically, it’s an “I still got it thing.”  Not only do I still got it, I got it modern-style.  Ish.  I can buy an overpriced breakfast beverage at 5 pm and chit chat like it won’t keep me up past my bed time like anyone else.

So, why ask why?  It’s a thing, like “on fleek”  is a thing.  For those older than me, on fleek means “perfect” “hella” or “on point.”  Perfectly hella on point?  Triple Fleek?  Fleek?

Christ, who am I?  Moving on.


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