I don’t deserve them…

I don’t deserve them; those kids of mine.  I try very hard not to rub my anguish off on them but, truth, I do.

Saturday they both reached out to me with beautiful writing.  My daughter wrote me a poem and my son wrote me a “love letter.”  I don’t want to breach their privacy, and want to keep the words clomother-children-playground-5207350se to my heart, but get a load of this:

My daughter’s poem starts, “You’ve raised me as faithfully as the night raises the sun.”  Did you ever?!

My son says in his letter, “You are a beautiful person.  I will not write this to you day after day until you feel better, diluting the truth of it in repetition.”

I bawled like a baby when I received them, and both on the same day.  I am truly grateful for them.  They teach me every day to be a better person.


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