If A’s are for Aardvarks

If A’s are for aardvarks
And B’s are for bats
Then C’s are for cheetahs
Shopping for hats!


If D’s are for dingoes
And E’s are for eels
Then F’s are for frogs
Racing automobiles!


 If G’s are for guppies
And H’s are for hogs
Then I’s are for insects
Jigging in clogs!


If J’s are for jackals
And K’s are for krill
Then L’s are for ladybugs
Seeking a thrill!


If M’s are for magpies
And N’s are for newts
Then O’s are for osprey
Trilling on flutes!


 If P’s are for puffins
and Q’s are for quail
Then R’s are for roosters
Riding the rails!


If S’s are for swans
And T’s are for trout
Then U’s are for unicorns
All tuckered out!


If V’s are for vermin
And W’s are for worms
Then X’s are extras
In animal terms!


If Y’s are for Yorkshires
And Z’s are for zanders
This rhyme’s exhausted
Its jaunty meanders!



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