Ode to the Olfactory

I was in the kitchen at work huffing a coffee pod when I got caught.  I have been forever teased for this action, but the fact remains, coffee is one of my favorite smells IN LIFE and I will continue to drink in its earthy, nutty, deep smell.


Here are some of my other favorites:

Ginger.  Ginger smells like teen spirit – hope and moxie.


Garlic.  Ginger and garlic are good friends.  Maybe best friends.  When they roast together it feels like everything is right with your life. Family and friends are around and they are anticipating a simple dinner of spices – refreshing and overpowering.


Gin.  Oh, gin.  I huff you too right out of the bottle.  Nothing smells as good as gin, except the taste of gin.  It smells like the forest and Colonialism — good, romanticized Colonialism — adventure and exploration.


And Victoria Secret’s Bombshell.  I came across this by pure accident but it now shares a place in my heart with Cinnabar.  They are both warm and dangerous, but dissipate quite quickly.  I like what that says about me.


And Vicks.  Vicks smells like being taken care of as a child and hope that the deep intake of Vicks will let your body cleanse and start over.


Moving on


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