An Irrationalist

I woke up at 4:44 this morning.  I love number symmetry like this and I think I’ve mentioned before, I was born at 4:40, and no matter what I do to change it, I wake to consciousness at pretty much that time every day.


I took a harbor cruise with my daughter on Saturday and took a picture of sailboats against the skyline.  I put it up as wallpaper on my phone’s lock screen.  So, when I grabbed my phone off the nightstand this morning to see what time it was, it said 4:44 and that looked like the three sailboats in the picture.

It’s little.  It might be meaningless.  But there’s something DEEPLY satisfying to me about juxtapositions like this and glancing down at a time display that is all the same numbers.  I have convinced myself it is good luck and a sign of all’s-well-ness.  (Don’t read about it on the internet, because rational people have written ad nauseam about why we look at time displays when all the numbers are the same.  It isn’t good luck, or magic, or the Universe, so I choose to ignore those — and most — rational people).

So — Monday — 163 days of separation completed, and my familiar touchstone of 4:44 over a picture of three sailboats that mirror it perfectly is an omen of smooth sailing for this irrationalist.  And, I’m living dangerously, because I don’t usually make optimistic pronouncements — too superstitious.

Moving on


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