Are we all deserving? Even him?

I met someone recently who has a lot of heartache in his past.  I have a lot of heartache in my recent past.  Do we “deserve” happiness now?  Is it our turn?  Is the deserve ride like a slide?  Climb a scary ladder, one at a time – keep your hands and feet tucked close — and then enjoy a stomach-flipping rush to the bottom?  Is going down the deserve slide tandem a reason to be together?  At least for now?


To deserve is to do something, or have, or show qualities worthy of, (reward or punishment).

Everything I’ve been reading lately says it’s not like that.  We don’t get rewarded or punished. Each of us goes after our bliss and the ones we can’t see eye to eye with, or see eye to eye with anymore, can go chase their bliss somewhere outside of our own magnetic field and that’s how we can get along.  To allow someone to hurt you by leaving you without a kick in the pants of vindictiveness – “You deserve what you get” – requires forgiveness and a realization that some of the situation is your doing.  I’m trying to swallow that, but it’s pretty tough, especially before I have coffee.

“You deserve better.”  “You deserve a break today.”  And their cousin, “You’re worth it.”

“You don’t deserve me.”  “You get what you deserve.” And their cousin, “What comes around goes around.”

Are we all deserving?

Moving on


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