My friend’s dad passed away yesterday.  Now she has no parents and a son at home still to raise.  She’s usually one tough bitch, but when she allowed me to bring her son dinner last night, I knew her defenses were down.  I was glad she could accept this little gesture of “help.”  Her eyes were swollen and her nose was stuffed.  She had a very difficult relationship with her father, but now he’s gone.  That sucker punches even a toughened woman who searched for her dad’s love for over 50 years.


I have to do her work today, and my work to do today, and help get my daughter ready to go to college tomorrow, and remember who I am, too.

I’m trepedatious and yet aware that it’s a blessing to have these first world “problems.”  I have a job and a daughter going to college and a parent still here and a new life to forge.  Trepedatious and humbled.

Come here, world…let’s be friends.

Moving on


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