Tofu in love

Tofu.  Bland.  Good for you.  Reasonably priced.  How do you make it go from this?


To this?


Assuming you want a little adventure and spice in your life.  Maybe you like the taste of unadorned tofu.  I’m not stupid.  I know there’s a percentage of you out there.  At least you’re not a bran muffin — bland going in and an irritant getting out.

Too much spice is also a problem.  Emotional roller coasters.  Sitting unprotected in the sun. A pricey date.  Spices = consequences.  You know, life.

Tofu tries to find exotic, or at least flavorful, companions.  Spice tries to find a host in which to marinate its splendor.

This or that circumstance brings out your spice or your tofu and the other person adds the remaining ingredient.  I would love to go though life as a wonderfully spiced tofu dish and meet other wonderfully spiced tofu dishes to hang with.


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