Thoughts about the ring. Oh, and healing stitches.

The diamond is embedded and surrounded by white gold.  When it was my engagement ring, it stood tall on a platinum throne.  Now that it’s my family ring, it’s nestled in the middle — one of three family members.  The garnets are not flush.  Hmmm…I have spent a lot of time deciding if this is ok…that the garnets are little mesas, and the diamond is a little inset, like a clear pool of water.  I think I’ve decided it’s ok.  I had a crisis over the weekend that the ring was too gaudy — too much a shelf of shine — but I got over that, too.


Apparently I’m VERY big on symbolism.  I knew that, but this “get used to the new ring” weekend has really highlighted that fact.

On another note, I was lying in bed next to my new friend , awake about 4:30 am, as usual for me.  I was thinking about how our new relationship has been like getting stitched up.  It doesn’t hurt.  It’s not some Emergency Room drama scene.  It is a process of healing hurts and issues from way back.  Way, way, back.  The thread brings the wound together, and he smooths over the track of stitches with salve, promising that closure and healing is, at last, imminent.


I wept silently and deeply as I fleshed out this image, trying not to make his back wet where I was burying my weary mind.  Somehow I feel like I must thank my recently departed dad for this miracle.  After all, some of the issues that are closing and healing are issues I  shared with him.  If that’s all this new friend of mine is slated to do for me in this life, well, that’s just about damn near everything, to have these old wounds attended to.  Thank you new friend and Dad.  I’m just going to go ahead and give you both credit.

Moving on


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