Empty Nest Big Girl Panties Takes a Walk on the Wild(ish) Side

I wish “empty nest big girl panties” made some happy accident of an acronym, but it doesn’t:  ENBGP.  Maybe ENBG Panties?  Pity, I like the phrase.

So, to put it bluntly, I’m in heat.  There’s a hormonal cloud around my new friend and me that we are always trying to make rain.  We live about 12 miles apart.  I work days and he works nights in towns about 35 miles apart.  That gives us mainly two days to use as a “weekend” where he works the night of the beginning of the weekend and I work the day of the end of the weekend.


That’s just not enough right now!

Sometimes we try to meet for lunch, which is his breakfast.  We have been complaining since Monday that we need to see each other.  It’s Wednesday!  He suggested lunch on Friday, which I cannot do.  I suggested lunch Thursday.  Then I suggested he come to my house after work (3:30 am) and sleep while I get up and go to work (6:30 am) and then meet me for lunch, just to squeeze in some time.  I just need to see him.

After all, it’s my time, my house, my adult secret, my happiness, my lack of sleep, privacy, and whatever else I’m giving up…Regardless, I felt like a big ole hussy suggesting it.  He didn’t shame me, make excuses, tell me we’re too old to participate in a plan like this, and, in fact, so enthusiastically embraced it, I think he was hoping I’d suggest it.

I said it felt clandestine.  He said he would look forward to seeing me at our rendezvous.  Damn.  Junkies addicted to the same drug.  I get it.

Moving on


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