Out of the fetal position and into life

Ok.  Time to get out of survivor mode and into what I want my life to look like.  I need:


  • less TV and noise in general
  • more moving my body out of a fetal position
  • less drinking and self-medicating
  • more music
  • fewer bitter thoughts
  • less multi-tasking (eating and watching TV, taking my coffee cup into the bathroom (sorry for that image), TV and sleep, TV and reading)
  • more wiping my mind’s slate clean so new experiences can write their stories there
  • more laughing – out loud
  • more complimenting people I love – out loud
  • more appreciation of the natural world – outside

Looks like a lot of these things would right themselves to center with less TV.  It is not a substitute for a person or a family.  But that’s ok.  It’s just me right now (although, always including my cat, who got shut in a cabinet this morning and only meowed AFTER I found her).  She wasn’t so much trapped as playing a hiding game.  Way to get onboard Jazzy!


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