Is this it? Part II

I feel the same today – into the 7th month – as I did on 4/29. Once again, plans and dramas, albeit good ones, have set a pace and just recently slowed down. Is this is? Maybe it’s a wave thing…tsunami, aftershock, smooth as glass water, and on and on. Rolling waves sound nice. Is that enough to make me happy now?


write it down let it go

I’ve been on this roller coaster for a month and a half.  I have lived through many belly flips and hairpin turns.  Now I seem to be on a flat stretch.  Nothing is happening and that’s new.   Even bad drama is drama and I think I was addicted to it.  Now what?  Do I create good drama?  I can’t fill my whole life with kids and work.  I don’t even want to look ahead.  Is there another steep climb?  A gut wrenching plunge?  I’m scared.  I’m lonely.  I’m solitary, even with my wonderful cheering section.  You know who you are.  If you are “religious,” please pray that I make it to the end of the ride intact.  If you are “spiritual,” please send some good energy my way, or light a candle, rub a stone, whatever.  I need you and will for some time.

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