Better Coping Through Chemicals

thWRJTVX1EMy daughter changed her Facebook cover photo to a picture of her cuddling up on her daddy during a hike this past parents’ weekend at college.  The girlfriend must have taken the picture.  I haven’t talked to my daughter yet.  Obviously, as I mistakenly thought might happen, she was not upset, didn’t need to call or text me, and I am still under instructions to not interact with her on Facebook, or friend any of her friends, or “like” any of their or her posts, but dad is now front and center —  Mr. Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am?  I-Can’t-Have-A-Presence-On-The-Internet.

Oh the plight of the unsung custodial mom, the “nice” parent, the one you take advantage of and manipulate. The one who gets taken for granted.

So, the plan to put a pause my maintenance drugs in the hope of stronger sexual desire shit the bed after just a couple of days.  This morning I made a little salad of a multivitamin, a Prozac, and an Ativan.  Yummy!  Better coping through chemicals.

Moving on


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