The Loose Boundaries of Girlfriends of Married Men

As you may know, if you’re a faithful reader, my daughter and I have a “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy regarding her dad.  It was a rough start, but we finally got the hang of it.

Sometime we slip up.

Like today.  She told me that at parents’ weekend at her college last weekend she, her dad, and her dad’s girlfriend ran into the parents of someone my daughter went to grade school, middle school, and high school with.  We know these people P R E T T Y well.  We’ve been to their house for dinner.  He runs a popular bagel shop in our town.

They stared at the girlfriend.   Sensing their confusion, somehow someone introduced her by name.  So she had a name.  Still confused, they asked her if she was the parent of a student at the school.


He he he, ha ha ha, OMG!  No one gave further explanation about why she was there with my daughter and her dad, or asked where I was.  They didn’t know that she left her three children with ?? to go to MY daughter’s parents’ weekend.  That has to feel good if you’re one of her kids.

My daughter finally suggested they continue the tour she was giving her dad and his girlfriend.


Thank you for sharing that, daughter of mine.  Made my day!  I think I’m in the mood for a bagel…

Moving on with a smirk


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