Rumination – We meet again you heartless bitch

Does he really love her?  Does she really love him?  Do they even know each other’s middle names?  Where were they when I drove by their house this morning?  It was quiet with no lights; did they both go on his business trip?  Was it the one to San Francisco?  The one I was promised and dreamed of?  Do they fight?  Does he swear at her in front of her kids?  Do her kids like him?  Will my kids visit him at her, “their,” house for Thanksgiving?  Why doesn’t my happy life help push these thoughts from my head?  Why do they win?  Why am I a bit player in their lives instead of the STAR of my own?  Why me?  Why do I have to go through this?  Why am I still asking these questions this far along?  What’s wrong with me?


Really Gandhi?  Now it’s my fault?  Blame the victim?  Or is it really my fault?  Why am I doing this to myself? Why is this so hard?

I’m so tired.  Fighting the good fight blows.

Ok, I don’t give them permission to hurt me…

Now I’m a LIAR too!

Gotta go to work.

Moving on


3 thoughts on “Rumination – We meet again you heartless bitch

  1. You know, its easy for people to preach, but we’ve all gone through these situations in our lives when we are just not in control of our thoughts or feelings. The key is to power on, power on, fight through it!


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