Whoa cowboy…

“The modification agreement is very good.  We both have to sign two originals in front of a notary. Can you meet at our bank some time today to sign?”

– X

Whoa cowboy.  This isn’t the good ole days where when you said, “Jump,” I said “How high?”  My lawyer needs to review it.  I don’t need to go to the bank, and certainly not together.  “Our” bank isn’t even the loan holder.  I can have someone at my office notarize my signature without you and then have you pick it up.  If, in fact, I agree to sign the document.  No face to face is necessary, for chrissakes.

My lawyer has already looked at it, and given me his advice, but…

I don’t see a rush on this little ole thing….


Do you?

Moving on at my own pace


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