Team Linley – It takes a village

solidarity[2]I saw my therapist and my general practitioner this week.  I LOVE them both and it made me realize that I have a GREAT team behind me.  I’ve spent the past few months telling them things were finally quiet.  I asked for an official reduction in medication.  A lull was happening in my world, which was very welcome.

Yesterday I got news that my lull might become a storm, however.  Don’t fail me now, team.  You are:

  • My therapist
  • My general practitioner
  • My work friends
  • My hometown/state friends
  • My longtime adopted regional friends
  • My work friends
  • My neighborhood friends
  • My bf
  • My family
  • My kids
  • My cat
  • My gin bottle — just making an exhaustive list here —  : – ) and
  • My blogger friends

I cherish you.  I would not be here without you, and by that, I mean, quite literally on the planet.

Buckle up.  Smooth sailing is probably over and predictions are for a bumpy ride over the next horizon.

Moving on with my chin up, head held high, stiff upper lip, and all that stuff.  You don’t seriously want a piece of this NOW, do you?


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