So, cigars…

So, for something completely different:

My new bf smokes cigars occasionally.  He is very respectful of people’s preferences – in or out doors, not at all, whatever.  He’ll accommodate who he’s with.

Even though I know smoking is unhealthy and stinky to some, I can’t help that, having grown up with grandparents who smoked, when I smell it, it’s comforting to me.  I don’t make any big deal about people who want to smoke in my house, especially cigars.  That would definitely be different if I had kids at home, but, he let me take a puff once.  I kind of liked it.

Then he bought me a coffee infused cigar.  I used to describe coffee as one of my “vices.”  Coffee, wine, gin, Diet Coke.  He said those are not “vices,” those are “beverages.”  Bravo.  I need to take a spin class, and I don’t mean bicycling.  It’s all in how something is put, or presented, isn’t it?

That coffee infused cigar was sweet on the outside and



I want to do it again.  I was a little queasy the next day, but it was worth it.

It really doesn’t fit the “good girl” image I think is (mostly) accurate, but I’ll take that class on spin, and make it so there will be no way around it:  a woman’s gotta smoke a cigar once in a while.

Moving on


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