Lazy dud…

I’m completely embarrassed, that on Veteran’s Day, I did…



I fed the cat, watched Netflix (but did not chill), used the microwave, drank a poorly executed martini, and avoided showering.

Pathetic, in comparison to people who died for freedom.  My dad and brother are veterans.  I have relatives — great uncles, I think, brothers — who one fought for the North, and one fought for the South, in the Civil War.  The most important thing I did today was feed a cat.

I could rationalize that veterans fought for my right to have a lazy holiday.  My dad was a veterinarian.  Maybe he would like the fact that I kept my cat alive.

No.  Again, embarrassed.

And now that I think about it, I “like”-d other people’s tributes to their family members who are veterans on Facebook.  Is “like”-ing things a verb?  An action? Mmm….barely passable as conscious.

Respect veterans.  Thank you for your service to sloths like me.

Moving on


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