The Most Wonderful Thing Happened Last Night…

thOFITI3EDThat is what my freshman-in-college girl texted to me Saturday morning.


Negative:  What fresh hell is this?

Positive:  Something she thinks is wonderful happened to her.  She wants to share it with me — her mother.  She’s not texting for me to come and take her away from her new college home.  She didn’t say, “Something wonderful has happened, but I need you to come and bail me out,” etc.

I went with positive, which I would have done, whether I felt that way or not.  Texting is good for that.  Biting my nails didn’t come through…

She went to hear a band.  The lead singer made eye contact with her.  Then she made eye contact with him.  Then they made eye contact with each other.  I think that’s called flirting.

He got her number after the show.

He texted her the next day that he was still thinking about her.

She’s a goddess among her college friends.

He’s a 26-year-old regional band lead singer who sounds like Bob Dylan and looks a wee bit like Russell Brand.

Negative:  She’ll quit college to be his groupie and then he’ll eventually dump her.  She won’t go back to college.

Positive:   She thinks he rocks, but they never actually see each other again.  She thinks college rocks.  She thinks she rocks.  She’s alive with the knowledge that she has personal power.  Not OVER someone, just that she has power, like we all do, that she can access.  She’s a young, intelligent, privileged college student having the time of her life while gearing up for the adult world.

It might even give her dad palpitations.  That would be what you call your “win-win.”

I’m going with positive.

Moving on


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