Good talk…

111122124201-thanksgiving-dinner-story-top[1]Thanksgiving will be the first major holiday for our family after the separation.  I just talked to my daughter, who was giving me her drive home plan for today (Yay!), and she mentioned “-” was going to his New Jersey relatives for Thanksgiving.  She also let it slip recently that he wasn’t going alone.

Negative:  I have gone to New Jersey for Thanksgiving for about eight years, too.  It was my Thanksgiving, too, that I’m being forced to give up, that I have no control over getting back.  After 23 years, they were my cousins and nieces and nephews, too, until last March, when my “family” was ended for me.

AND, my replacement is going.  She’s younger, more accomplished, has the affection of my husband, but…not attractive.  They’ll treat her nicely, despite she and “-“-s narcissistic, selfish, immoral story, because they are…nice.

Positive:  I get to spend Thanksgiving with friends and family members I love!  Who love me!  I don’t have to be in a long highway ride to have Thanksgiving with people who are nice, but bat-shit crazy (like all families), and then a long ride home.

Somehow I got left with the “cool” friends and family!

My past is gone, but my present is…present…and I have a lot of control over that.

Good talk…

Moving on.


I still miss “the family” in my past though…


3 thoughts on “Good talk…

  1. Really hoping you have an incredible Thanksgiving …just put quotation-face out of your mind…he is beneath you and so is his little tramp…but I know how much it must suck to leave a family behind…affairs break up more than just a marriage…they break apart whole families!!!!

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