Hello? New hair here!

hot-girl[1]I got a haircut last night.  I always just roll the dice at a cheap place.  I ended up LOVING it.  I gazed at it, caught it in the mirror.  Admired the way it fell.  Felt grateful that when I said “trim” she “trimmed.”

I couldn’t wait to show it off today.

So far ZERO compliments.

It happens that way sometimes.  Lots of times.  I usually feel bad that my expectations of praise don’t come to fruition and doubt myself.

Maybe the haircut is shit.  Maybe I’m not attractive.

Today, instead of that tired stuff, I choose to savor the original joo joo I had.  It was GOOD.  I felt like it was ME.  I felt ATTRACTIVE.  Clothes might still fight with me, but for the duration of this cut, my hair will be EASY to love.

Apparently everyone is busy starring in their own play.
Like I am in mine.

Let’s all be divas!  Works for me.

Moving on



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