It’s beginning to look a lot like



My sister’s birthday is December 14.  It was a tradition to put up our tree on her birthday (poor thing) and take it down on New Year’s Day.

I can’t understand why that seemed like enough time for a proper “Christmas Season.”  I used to say things like, people should wait to decorate until closer to Christmas, or at least after Thanksgiving.

I’m old enough to remember a time without Black Friday.  And cyber Monday.  And giving Tuesday.  And hash tags.  And blogs.

Yesterday, December 3, I was in a panic that I needed to order online gifts asap.  I was LATE to the party!  An online retailer told me I STILL had enough time to get them by Christmas.  I would think so!  That’s 22 days to make that happen!

Even though this is one of the most unsettled holiday seasons I’ve had in a LONG time, I’m in the spirit.

Things are still merry.  And bright.  You can see a new year in the distance with hope and longer days of sun.

Stay away humbugs, and pick up some spiked eggnog, would ya?  You’re harshing my Christmas buzz.

Moving on




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