And another thing one shouldn’t do


Drink the rest of the white wine from Sunday’s dinner party with a few left over cashews.

Run out of white wine and start pouring the undrunk red wine.

The cashews are still out.

Take a few every time I go from the kitchen to the den, where I am looking up flights to my mother’s.  My sister says I should visit.  Soon.

I reach in the can for more cashews.  Oops!  Nope.

Decide cashews aren’t going to do it.

Pull out a frozen dinner.  Tuna noodle casserole.  Comfort food.  300 calories.  Probably easily ate 300 calories worth of cashews, but they weren’t, you know, dinner.  And everyone knows there are no wine calories.

Need a sweet chaser.  Eat half the pint of gelato left over from the dinner party while composing a sarcastic email to “-“.  He emailed me yesterday during the day and is expecting a reply.  I have told him repeatedly not to email me during the day.  It gets me cranky and wound up.  There easily goes another 300 calories.  (Probably 450).

Want to push “send” SO BADLY!!!  For once, don’t give in to my impulse.  Since I really had to push “send” I sent it to myself at work.

I am DAMN PROUD of this rare accomplishment.  The email was a masterpiece, too.  What a waste.

Anywho.  Decide I need another sweet chaser — banana, chocolate sauce, walnuts.

Slip into a food and alcohol coma and consider playing hooky tomorrow.  Not so far gone that I am aware I receive texts and text back.

I am at work.  Not working, at the moment, but here.

I need to pull myself together!!  I would be so judgmental if this weren’t me.

Moving on



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