Thankful for lawyers and their keepers…Really.

I work in a small law firm where everyone is over 50 except one person.  (Poor guy!)  There are about 12 lawyers and about 12 support staff.  We have all worked together for quite a while.

I can predict who’s giving me what for Christmas.  I know what I’m giving them.  It’s so…comforting.

We drive each other crazy with our little idiosyncrasies — this one’s a procrastinator, this one’s a space cadet, this one has  adult ADHD (my diagnosis), but I couldn’t have made it through this year without them.

They are my work family and I love them.

Chokes me up, actually.

They were all here for me in varying degrees this year.  Some of them listened for HOURS to my pain.  Some gave me a warm touch or hug.  Some bit their tongues when my work product suffered a little during particularly difficult stretches.  Some were there by just continuing to employ me!

God bless us, every one.


Moving on


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