Fudge and cookies and nuts, oh my!

Everyone I know makes candy or bakes things to share at this time of year.  Even me.

I’m just past my second sugar rush and it is about 10:30 am!

The first run was two handfuls of sherried walnuts and the second was an assortment of flavored fudge – some alcohol infused.

Delightful.  Smooth.  Sugary.

However, my stomach hurts.  It’s rumbling.  I could really use a short nap, but this office is frustratingly devoid of couches (and beds).  I’ve been on this search before.


Right…this office.  Have I done anything remotely billable today?

Yes!  Yes I have.  You weren’t expecting that, were you?

Gotta go find the tums.  And some protein.  And a walk.

Moving on



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