It’s he-re …My post from 12-24-15

thHBZ2EWZWI’m done.  I’m ready.  I have one hour of work left, and then off to friends for Christmas.

I am having all kinds of feelings.  Almost ALL of them are good.  Warm.  Sentimental.  Full of gratefulness. Excitement.

They say it’s a full moon tomorrow.  They say the next one on Christmas will be in 2034.

Surely this means something special.  Auspicious.  Surely this means a new dawn, day, year, life, era, is nigh.

I plan to spend the next 19 years until the next full moon on Christmas enjoying my life and the people (and animals) in it.

Feliz Navidad

Moving on

I fell very similarly to this post from last year, only more so.  It feels good to be me without him.  At least today.

Happy holidays, everyone. 


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