Zombie Apocalypse!

Made you look!


Goodbye and good riddance 2015.  From today’s perspective, the last day of the year, it seems as though you were a stellarly  shitty year.  Gold star for effort!

From the future, I think I’ll look back on 2015 and thank the Universe that I got out of some bad habits and ruts, dropped some baggage, released the ball and chain, you know.

Shook it up or had it shaken up for me without my knowledge or consent.

It was the Year of the Ripped Off Band-Aid.

It’s all still a little too fresh to have proper perspective on it.   At least for me.  And, no one’s asking.  It’s starting to bore even me.

I look forward to 2016 with hope and optimism, and that’s new to this withered up, sucker-punched gal.

I wish you all a Happy New Year intrepid readers!

Moving on



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