1/11 at 1. I like it.

I did it.  I called the new lawyer and made an appointment.  It is scheduled for January 11 at 1 pm.  I like all the 1s in the date and time.  It’s a good omen.


I’m one of those people who think it’s lucky to look at a digital display of time and see multiple numbers:  2:22, 3:33, 4:44, et al.  I hate to count numbers, divide them, multiply them, square them, algebra-tize them — all that nasty stuff — but it’s so pleasing when they congregate!

Yeah, yeah I read all the stuff about how our eye is subconsciously drawn to that symmetry, and that’s why we look at those numbers more, or register them more.

I reject that, and tell myself a story I like:  It’s lucky and magical, mystical, a good omen, and a reason to be optimistic.  I tell myself a story no one else believes — hey, who does that sound like?

She may charge too much.  The website may be wrong.  She may not even know what a narcissist is.  A million things could happen.

But, I’m going to check it out.  That’s the most important thing.  The consult is free.

Moving on



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