Vitamins, Prozac, and Sleep

thI4ZOU9HMI don’t do much physically.  I have a desk job and tend to not get up enough.

I am very uncoordinated, and therefore, sports make me feel inadequate.

I am a mosquito magnet and I think bugs are icky so I’m not outside much.


There’s A LOT goin on inside the noggin.

Tuesday night I had an email exchange with “-.”  Always a total fucking nightmare.  Even if it starts out cordial, it never ends that way.  Also, my daughter’s friends didn’t want to go home in a snowstorm so the three of them stayed the night.  It’s not that they were a pain.  Quite the opposite.  It’s just the fact of being responsible for three more people under my roof.  Other people’s children were on my watch.

I couldn’t sleep.  I cried the kind of tears that just carve out a hot delta on your face.  I’m so sick to death of these games.  I’d like some different ones.  I had a therapy appointment at 8 am the next morning and an eight-hour day after that.

I haven’t been taking my low dose of Prozac.  It stomps on my libido and that’s one of the things I enjoy in my life again.  I am run down.  Have developed cold sores.  Exhausted by “-“‘s bullshit and I…

bailed on work.  Not on the therapy appointment.  I shoveled the driveway enough to get my car out, went to my appointment, and then back to bed.

I downed a multi-vitamin and a Prozac first, and then slept most of the day.

Not a perfect solution, but one I could live with.  Today I’m back at “work” — blogging at work : (

Thank you vitamins, Prozac and sleep.

Moving on


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