Mistress of my (tiny) universe and more Prozac

There really are endless ways available to me to feel better; I just have to act on them.

The only residual annoyances hanging on this week are these darn cold sores!  They are now dark with dried blood and ugly.

I found a shade of lipstick in my desk drawer that I have never particularly liked.  It is “frosted.”  Is that the term?  Light and dark together.  I’m usually a matte person.  But, it camouflages the sores perfectly, so…

  • I won’t scare people with the open wounds on my lips today
  • There’s chocolate in the break room with my name on it.  Is 9 am too early to start?
  • I will have some rum as a warm up to my firm’s holiday party tonight
  • I will party like it’s 1999
  • and I will pop a Prozac before I drift off to sleep.

Mistress of my (tiny) universe!


Moving on


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