Hello old friends…

I’m ba-ack.  It seems like a month, not a week, has gone by.

My mom is fine!  Yes, she’s older, more frail, and displays more symptoms of her illnesses, but her mind’s with it and she’s in good spirits.

It was great to see her!


And my sister.

And my uncle who had a birthday party.

And my uncle who didn’t have a birthday party.

And my college buddy.

And my high school buddy.  I hadn’t seen her for 35 years!  We planned a two-hour lunch to be sure to have enough time to catch up, but it seemed like a 10-minute lunch.  There was no awkwardness.  No grudges about lack of communication.  Big hugs at the beginning, tears and laughs in the middle, and big hugs and plans for more lunches at the end.

My planes, trains (actually no trains this time), and automobiles journey all went incredibly smoothly.  Travel to the Midwest in January is such a crap shoot.

No sun, but big, big sky.  I read a great book my daughter recommended called, The Sky is Everywhere.  It sure was!

I am rejuvenated!

I am ready to take on the rest of (bulk of) 2016.  I hope you come with me.  I missed you!

Moving on


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