Not Angsty Enough? Boring Gal / Classic Woman

I’m in a lull.

It’s kind of dull.

And the poems suck

So who gives a f*@k?


When I started my blog, I wanted to write something every weekday.  I could fill up empty space at first with all the (tenaciously un-publishable) poetry I have written over the years.  But, I just don’t think I have all that much to say.  Day in and day out.

Sometimes something flares up, and I have plenty to say; otherwise I’m a pretty boring gal.  (Like who says, “gal?”)  One time I told my hair stylist that I thought my regular hairstyle was boring.  He said, “We like to call it classic.”

Indeed, it might be a point of perception.

I’m going to give it some thought.  Another goal was to write every weekday for a year.  I’d like to hit that mark, but not with just nonsense filler.

I’m pretty sure “-” will rear his head again and then we’ll have something to talk about.  He’s starting his new job today, the one that will cover us for health insurance, and the one he will not tell me the name.  Of.  I guess that’s for lawyers to find out.  My advice to him was to try harder this time to not to sleep with a co-worker.

For starters.

Moving on



2 thoughts on “Not Angsty Enough? Boring Gal / Classic Woman

  1. I feel pressure to write every day, but do not often accomplish this goal. When I look at viewer numbers, they seem to get better the more consecutive days I write. When I miss a few days, there are still some viewers, but I wonder how they got there.

    I agree with the writer above. You don’t sound boring to me–anyone who can write the above poem at any age over 30 seems to be interesting enough to warrant a read.

    I found some of my drier writing periods came because I was relatively happy. I had nothing to vent about and I had no need to actively search out perfect moments. Maybe a lack of writing means you don’t need to express yourself that way–of course, since I am spouting my own version of pop psychology, I might be completely full of shit too.

    Hope you find things you want to write about.

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