I don’t remember where I read this, or heard this, but…

I don’t remember where I read this.  Or heard this.

That’s something I say almost daily, but fear of dementia and Alzheimer’s (family history) is a topic for another day.

I read or heard that “pain” is just a super rush of information, and if you can frame it that way, it helps you get through it.

The person (was it anyone who reads this blog?) gave an example of stubbing your toe.  That’s a particular, intense kind of pain, usually accompanied by self-scolding about remembering where the furniture is and wearing slippers.  At least for me.


I mulled this over until inevitably, I stubbed my toe.  Instead of the usual self-talk, I gritted my teeth and said it was just a super rush of f-ing information:  The bed frame roller is always a little more to the right than I remember.  I’m never going to wear slippers, so I should take a few minutes to cement this in the schemata of the bedroom.  The pain is intense, but will travel up my leg, and dissipate sooner than I think.  I may learn this lesson and not stub my toe in this spot again.



Does this work for joy?  Is it also a super rush of information?  If I dwell on it, and cement some of the markers, will I learn to get to it faster, and enjoy it more intensely, and more often?

I think so…

I’m aware of how much more information I have been processing lately.  Good and bad.  Nothing appears outwardly to show that this volume of mental digestion is going on (I don’t think), like “accomplishing” something would, but I have noticed that noticing joy brings me more joy.  My joy, my friends’ joy, joy documented on Facebook, joy on the internet.

I used to think there was a cap on joy, happiness, well-being, but now, I think I was wrong.

Bring on the joy.  Actually, bring on everything.  If it causes a brain freeze, I know that it will cause pain, but it won’t last long, and I can think of things to learn from it, instead of calling myself an idiot.

And, I read or heard somewhere : – ) that if you put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, it decreases the duration of the pain.



Moving on



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