Web Wisdom = Snowshoeing

I have found so many cool blogs and websites through other blogs and websites.  I want to hug and kiss you all for being so brilliant and helpful!

I wish I could quit my job and spend my day reading all the wisdom bookmarked on my favorites.

I continue to feel like I’m a mill of mental digestion.

I feel like all this information is changing me slowly, and for the better.

I like it!

A tiny example of change in perspective I learned from an internet sharer:

Now that I have a “plow guy,” and I don’t have to shovel as much snow, I can look at it falling and see it as pretty, unique flakes to be marveled at, not a gazillion thorns in my side (that need to be scooped off the driveway).

I want to crunch on it with my Christmas snowshoes and see the sun light it up and warm my face.


Moving on



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