When is that other shoe going to drop?

thGPGSUIO5It’s so eerie waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Like a tree that falls in a forest, you never actually hear the shoe drop, or the tree fall, but the imagination makes them equal.  And loud.  They are significant events.

You walk on egg shells.

You wait for that text or email to come, or someone to start a conversation with, I have some news about “-.”

“-” only showed up once at my door unannounced.  And, I only showed up once at his door unannounced, so I don’t think it’s going to happen that way.

What will likely happen is that by email he will ask me one more time if I’m ready to go to a “neutral.”  Then I’m supposed to say “Yes, as long as I can pick the person.”  Then he’s supposed to say okay, and then it’s supposed to start.  THIS DIVORCE NEEDS TO START!  Unless it hurts him more to delay it.  I just need to have a script, here, and some stage direction.

“-” just started a job, is busy with his mistress and her children, and ??

Who knows what he’s doing.

We need to talk about filing taxes, and all kinds of stuff, but I don’t want to initiate.  I don’t want him to think I give any kind of a shit, have any kind of a thought about him, and I don’t want to start the battle, actually, because I hate battling.   There’s at least a kind of false peace here waiting for the other shoe to drop, even if it’s a little like a scary movie set.


Moving on


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