The most difficult part of all…not


“We always had our differences, but I never thought you were unkind. Self-inflicted or not, I’ve had a difficult year, but the most difficult part of all is seeing how you’ve changed.”
— “-”

A  lecture on kindness from the man who left me a year ago for his subordinate.  Why does he think I’ve changed?  Who caused me to change to an “unkind” person?

I think I’ll skip that lecture and throw the attempted guilt away.

Should I send him a sympathy card about his difficulty accepting the fact that I’ve “changed?”  Not doing that either.

Moving on



5 thoughts on “The most difficult part of all…not

    1. Actually, yes. He’s waiting for me to be in a better frame of mind to get into the divorce nitty gritty. He’s going to be waiting a long time if that’s the case. Guys like these think they don’t deserve consequences. I hate it when people do things they know are going to be received badly but they count on the “nice” people to forgive them. Not this woman. Not this time.


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