It happened again…


I didn’t make coffee at home this morning.  On purpose.

I’m a little worried.

I’m not having as much fun poking at “-” lately.  Sometimes it’s just a chore.

There’s obviously some kind of shift or transformation going on, which is a bummer, because I’m a reforming fearful person.

I wish the world would just stand still for a hot minute and let me take a breath.

In the shower this morning I was trying to come up with the positives of my life situation.  A couple of these are:

  • Largely ignored by “-” while she was growing up, my daughter and her father have gotten to know each other better through this.  She LOVES this!  I hate him, but she can’t.  He’ll always be her father.
  • I really have faced fears and looked at some of my marriage behaviors under a microscope without flinching.  I had no choice.  It was pretty messy sometimes, but I did the work.  I know there’s more to come, but I feel really proud about what I’ve gotten through so far.
  • I can see what it looks like to be divorced on the horizon and it doesn’t look that bad.  I can do it.  I think I’ll be happier.

Moving on


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