And again! Help?

Again, no coffee ritual this morning.

I did want a little coffee, however, so I made iced coffee from what was left in the pot from yesterday.  No, not yesterday, I didn’t make coffee yesterday.  Wednesday?


Also, yesterday I left my phone at work.

th1OL0NKNLThis is also momentous.

Did I leave it at work because I didn’t consume enough coffee, or is everything just changing willy-nilly?

It’s a little unsettling.

Not that I make a living with my phone, or something where I would make an effort to go back and get it, but I am too attached to: checking the weather, and then Facebook, and then the grocery list I have in notes (yep, still need cat litter), and texts.  No, I’d have a red #1 if I had a text, back to weather.  You know.

I did email my kids just to let them know if they were trying to reach me they would have to do it by email.  My son wrote back, “Say ‘hi’ to the 20th century for me.”  I wrote to him that I have spent most of my life in the 20th century and am very comfortable there.

Until it dawned on me that if I needed the police, or an ambulance, I couldn’t reach out to them.

Someone pointed out at work this morning, while I checked my hours of unused phone (which had NO missed emergencies) *shocker*, that there’s always the neighbors.

Oh, yeah…

I vaguely remember them from the 20th century.

Moving on




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