Butterflies, Orchids, and Relationships, oh my

I have been thinking about something and determined that it’s called the Butterfly Effect.

Coined by Edward Lorenz, it’s the concept that small causes can have large effects.thXBPVYEFT

That wasn’t quite what I was thinking, but close, and deserved my thought, also.  I was thinking about my status as a highly sensitive person, an HSP.

It’s a thing.

You can troll the interwebs for it, and the biological sensitivity to environment of HSP’s, who start out as “Orchid Children,” is being researched and hypothetically linked to certain genes.

Interwebs.  Go.  An…Y…Way…

I think everything matters.  I think a small random act can turn into something with momentum (The Butterfly Effect).  Everything influences everything else.  We’re all connected.  If I go to the dry cleaners, ride the bus home, and stub my toe, I want the dry cleaner, the bus driver, and the people who witnessed me stub my toe, and everyone I saw on my errands, to like me.  At least, I want to cause them no harm.  If someone ahead of me is walking slowly, I don’t pass them in a huff, I slow my pace so they don’t feel pressured or upset.  The first time I saw someone get shot in a movie I bawled as if I was related to him.  I guess that I was about six or seven.  I was the kid who had a “tummy ache” all the time.  I have psoriasis.  These are gut related issues.  The gut is the second brain, if you haven’t heard.

Before I knew this stuff about myself, life was completely exhausting.  People often tell children to toughen up.  Don’t take things personally.  I used to think, how can I not take things personally?  I’m a person.  I can’t take it like a cat, or a tree, or the ocean.  If you make a conscious choice about everything — at least every thing you’re aware of — that’s a lot more interacting with the world than, say, a narcissist, participates in.

Does anyone see where I’m going with this?


I have since learned that you can take things like a duck and let them roll off your back, for instance, if your visualize things you can’t change, or that don’t have to do with you directly, as more benign.  Desensitizing some sensitivities.  It’s helpful.

How do you interact with your world?  Do you say things like, “It’s just a rental car.  No need to be fussy with it.”  (You know what I mean…”fussy” isn’t a word a lot of people use, I don’t think).  Do you think we’re all connected?  Even saint to sinner?

That’s what’s on my mind…

Moving on


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