Two Things Happened This Weekend

#1:  My daughter met my bf this weekend!


I asked for, and she gave, her permission for this meeting.  Some parents don’t ask.  Or ask, and then bring the SO along anyway when the answer was no.  She has declined to meet him before.  I respected that.

She wasn’t rude.  She shook his hand.  She answered his questions about her school’s good hockey team.

s u c c e s S! s u c c e S S!  s u c c E SS! s u c C E S S! s u C C E S S! s U C C E S S! S U C C E S S!

We were able to attend a preview concert of the spring break tour her college singing group is going on in a few weeks.

It was magical.  Sooo much talent.  Sooo much enthusiasm.  Beautiful music and voices.  I only had to travel less than half way to her school to attend. (In a town 2 1/2 hours from mine instead of 6!)

I brought her a goodie bag – Mom’s “secret ingredient” banana bread and kale chips (too salty, but pretty good for my first attempt).  A picture of our cat.  Some new sheets.  A new top.  Some medication she left at home.  A card.  A fiver — just for fun.…wiN….wIN…..WIN……WIN!…wiN….wIN…..WIN……WIN!

#2:  It happened!  “-” finally sent me a “let’s get on with this” email.  I forwarded it to my lawyer to see where we go from here.

Of course, crickets so far, but that’s okay.  I work with lawyers and I know how THEY work.

I’m just happy, excited, scared, relieved, hopeful, ETC, that these two things have happened.


Moving the F on




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